​Patios and Hardscapes

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    Patio Contractor, Boston MA

    A patio is more elaborate than most porches. Patios can either be covered or open, and can be constructed with many different types of materials such as brick, stone, or wood. Deck Builders Mass knows how to build any type of patio space you want. Both a patio and porch can be built on the front or back of your home. A porch is always attached to a house; however, this is not always the case for a patio. You can have a patio built that is attached to your home or not. A patio offers more versatility than a porch. Patios can almost be considered an extension of your kitchen, dining room or family room, bringing your living space outside. 

    Decorating Your Deck

          We can spruce up your patio with hardscaping. This is similar to landscaping. Inanimate features are used to offer a more appealing and attractive patio. These are hard material objects, such as brick, stone, metal, concrete, and wood. You may not be familiar with hardscaping but trust us when we tell you that it is a great way to improve the look of your patio area. Hardscaping that we offer includes wood arbors, decks, fences, gravel paths, stone walkways, tile patios, flagstone patios, and more.

    Getting Your Money’s Worth

          Many businesses today will ask for more than they are willing to give. At Deck Builders Mass, we are known for giving our customers more than they bargained for. This is why we are the preferred patio builders in Boston. We offer our customers their money's worth, which is rare today. We give you your money's worth by taking our time to make sure we know exactly what you want and we deliver the best quality possible. Our builders are the best in the area. We are thorough and compliant with all of the necessary codes to make sure your patio is safe and secure. We only use the best quality of materials and will work with you no matter what your budget is. You may not expect a service provider to be so attentive to the needs of their customers. However, we realize that this is the reason we are able to provide our customers with more than they ever imagined possible.


    Better Than the Competition

               Some of our competitors will even go so far as to charge you to consult with them about your service requests. At Deck Builders Mass, we offer you a no-obligation, complimentary consultation. It is our job to make sure we are able to see exactly what you want and make it just like you want it. When you are unsure about what you would like, our knowledgeable associates are happy to advise you and help you find something you're certain to love. We want you to choose a patio that will bring lasting benefits for a long time. This is why we will advise and consult you on the materials that are best suited for long-lasting patios. You'll always get what you pay for and more at Deck Builders Mass in Boston, Massachusetts. Going above and beyond to make sure you are pleased with the final outcome is our passion, and knowing that a job well-done will have you referring us to your friends, family and neighbors for their decks, patios and porches is the greatest compliment we can get from our customers! That's when we know we did the job right.